With multiple iterations of Batman and The Joker seeming to be in the works, fans have had higher hopes for ‘Nightwing.‘ Now we’ve got a small update for you! Batman’s apprentice and sidekick has long since come into his own in the comics and while he’s still part of the Bat Family, he has his own life. The character has gone through a lot over the years and now that he is getting a standalone film in the DCEU, many fans are excited. However, outside of knowing one is coming, we hadn’t heard anything else about it. Until now.

Director Chris McKay recently shared on Twitter an early Valentine’s Day present that will thrill some and annoy others.

Here’s what he had to say:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a script! Or, we’re about to. Past that there isn’t going to be any news on casting or a timeline likely to happen. I’m glad that they want to do the character right, but it sounds like it’ll likely be late this year until we get even a tease as to what they have in store for us.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Nightwing’ almost has a completed script? Do you think we’ll have any further news about the movie again before the year comes to an end? Will it even matter with how in flux the DCEU currently is? Share your thoughts below!