Sebastian Stan

In the comics when we briefly thought that Steve Rogers was dead, Bucky Barnes became Captain America. Many have wondered if this will also happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, the question came up to Sebastian Stan during a panel at this year’s Wizard World St. Louis and of course he replied he’d be thrilled to take the part on. We know that Chris Evans’ contract has come to a close so if he ends up dying in either ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ or ‘Avengers 4,’ it could be time for someone else to wield the shield. Now, at this point, we’ve also seen Falcon take up the role in the comics though Stan has quite a few movies still in his contract.

Here is what the actor said when asked if he’d want to see Bucky take up the shield:

“I mean, yeah I would love that one day, absolutely. I don’t know when that day would be, and I just think…it would be a very different Captain America you know, you wouldn’t be able to have the same Captain America as you have right now because he’s a different guy. Again, there’s this issue where we’ve got to get him to be trustworthy enough for them to give him that responsibility, you know, to fill those shoes, and those are hard shoes to fill. So I think it’s possible, I really do, but it just has to make sense, and we might need a little more time.”

It is clear that he not only pays attention to where his character already is but likely to the comic take as well.

Even though Evans’ contract is up, in a recent interview he mentioned he might be willing to continue on as Cap for some time to come:

“No, it’s wonderful. It’s so nice. Sometimes I’ve played not so savory characters in the past, and it’s, you know, you got to be in a really nasty headspace, and you can’t help but take some of that home with you, and it can feel like a little bit of a storm cloud.


“But playing Cap, it’s such a nice energy to try to encompass every day. You can’t help but try and compare it to your own life and find kind of analogous circumstances where you can live up to the person you try to portray each day. No, its a blessing. I love it.”

While I feel that Evans has become the perfect representation of Captain America for film, I’d love to see what direction a Bucky Barnes Cap would go in.

Do you think that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes could evolve into Captain America in the future? Will they be able to redeem his character in the next two Avengers films? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book