After all the wondering of what a Spiderverse movie would be like without Spider-Man, wonder no longer as Sony has dropped the first trailer for ‘Venom’! While details of the actual plot have been scarce, we do get our first look at Tom Hardy in action as Eddie Brock.

The trailer just barely skims over what’s in store for moviegoers. The one thing it does do right is that it clearly is drawing from the classic Venom storylines from ‘Lethal Protector’ and ‘Planet of the Symbiotes’ comics which makes Eddie Brock/Venom more of an antihero like The Punisher rather than a villain. What can be surmised is that Hardy’s character looks to have broken into a facility. Could it be the same facility where the symbiote was being held? We also see Riz Ahmed who seems to verify the rumors that he is really playing Dr. Carlton Drake as he looks over the black goo that was obviously obtained from the alien spaceship crash briefly seen in the trailer:

As he presumably is found to be trespassing, we see Brock manage to escape in a fantastic car chase scene that seemingly causes him to end up in a medical facility. Near the end, we see Brock just about to turn as something black creeps up his neck.

While having a first look is exciting, what did disappoint was that there were no scenes featuring Hardy as Venom. Of course, that could be due to the fact that filming wrapped just a few weeks ago and is now in post-production getting all the cool CGI put in. Nonetheless, it was a bit disappointing to see a ‘Venom’ trailer without the titular antihero.

In the comics, Spider-Man comes in contact with an alien symbiote that increased his Spidey powers but with it came an amplified hostility and aggressiveness that the superhero couldn’t control. Spider-Man was able to get the symbiote to detach from himself but it then latched on to Eddie Brock bringing with it some of Spider-Man’s abilities. That’s why Venom’s powers are similar to the web-slinger’s in a warped kind of way.

Whether this will be the start of a new Spider-verse franchise for Sony is yet to be seen, but hopefully by the time they release the second trailer, it won’t be as underwhelming as this one was.

Watch below and let us know what you think!


‘Venom’ will attach in theaters on October 5.