I swear, the contradictory news reports this week… it’s been nuts.  No sooner was it stated that “Baby Yoda” merchandise would not be available this year, than word has emerged that some “Baby Yoda” merch will be available as early as this Friday… oh, that’s today!

Apparently this merchandise will be limited to apparel and accessories.  Though it may not be available immediately, “Baby Yoda” items will be sold at Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic and Box Lunch, as well as at the Disney Store, ShopDisney, and at gift shops at Disney Parks.

So no, we probably won’t be getting any Funko Pops or action figures just yet.  Those probably won’t be out until next year, as previously reported.


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“Baby Yoda” isn’t actually Yoda, but Yoda’s race has never been revealed and he is one of only two of them that has ever been depicted.  The other was a female, Yaddle, and was seen in the prequels.  On ‘The Mandalorian’, this 50-year-old toddler is called “The Kid.”  The Mandalorian doesn’t seem like the paternal type, so he may not get around to giving this Kid a name.

“Baby Yoda” was revealed in a surprising end scene of the first episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ before getting a bigger spotlight in the second episode.  It is clear that The Force is strong with this one, although due to his age, using it tuckers him out pretty quickly.  He also eats live frogs.

The Internet went nuts over him (or her) and spoilers be damned, started flooding social media with memes.  Not to make anyone feel bad, but Disney+ is only available in the U.S., Canada, and The Netherlands.  The rest of the world won’t get to see ‘The Mandalorian’ until… I have no idea.  So we all just SPOILED ‘The Mandalorian’ for like 90% of the planet.  Not China, though.  They hate ‘Star Wars’.

So be on the lookout!  “Baby Yoda” swag is going to start showing up sooner than expected.

Source: Collider