While Netflix has yet to spoil the details about when a second season of ‘Castlevania’ could air, writer Warren Ellis has! Recently, Duncan Jones also bypassed an official Netflix announcement and tweeted when his film ‘Mute‘ would be available on the streaming giant. This makes you wonder if this could be a new marketing strategy on Netflix’ end. Either that, or creators who usually praise the service are getting annoyed with how little is being said of their properties. My vote is probably the first of those two with how much praise most creators usually praise on Netflix.

According to Ellis:

We’ve already known that the second season will have double the episodes of the first (for a total of 8 episodes) and while it wasn’t hard to imagine that we’d have more than 4 in this outing, we’re grateful for more! Now to be greedy and hope that the third season will have 12 or more! It isn’t clear what direction the series will take quite yet, but we know from the video games that Graham McTavish’s Dracula is never easily defeated. If our three heroes work to take him down in the upcoming season, it is likely that even if they win, it won’t stick for long.

This iteration of the King of the Vampires has a long history of being able to return from the grave as his minions have resurrected him countless times over the years.

Are you happy to hear that we’ll soon have another 8 episodes of ‘Castlevania’ to enjoy? What classic characters or monsters do you hope to make an appearance in the sophomore outing of the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Game Informer