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J.J. Abrams is going back to his roots.  After climbing to the peak of Hollywood success, helming the ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ franchises, the creative mind behind some of TV’s biggest successes is going back to the small screen.  His newest project ‘Demimonde’ (possibly just a working title) has set off a bidding war between HBO and Apple, but reportedly producers Warner Bros. Television are open to bids from other outlets as well.  Abrams will write the series, making this the first TV project he has created and written since ‘Fringe’.

“The Abrams drama is about a family — consisting of a mother who works as a scientist,
her husband and their young daughter — who all get into a terrible car crash. After
the mother winds up in a coma, her daughter begins digging through her experiments
in the basement and winds up transporting to another land amid a world’s battle
against a monstrous, oppressive force. Her father then follows her into this new world.”

Abrams’ biggest TV success was the landmark series ‘Lost‘ but he has been behind a number of other huge hits including ‘Alias’, ‘Fringe’ and ‘Person of Interest’.  He has also crafted some shows that were not very successful but received acclaim during their brief runs, like ‘Revolution’, ‘Almost Human’ and ‘Believe’.  Abrams presently serves as executive producer on HBO’s ‘Westworld’ but that doesn’t make that network a lock to land ‘Demimonde’.  Abrams has, in the works, the Stephen King-based ‘Castle Rock’ also from Warner Bros. Television.

In the meantime, of course, Abrams has another major project the knock out before working on this TV series, namely ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’.  After helming ‘The Force Awakens’, Abrams was asked back to direct the final installment after the departure of Colin Trevorrow.  (Rian Johnson directed the current installment ‘The Last Jedi’.)

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter