game of thrones

Following the announcement from HBO that ‘Game of Thrones’ won’t return for its final season until 2019, the network’s top programming boss is explaining the reason for the extra-long wait.

Casey Bloys confirmed in a recent interview what fans have suspected; that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss wanted the extra time to ensure the final six episodes were as strong as possible. Bloys explained:

“Here’s what I’ll tell you: They take the time they need to do the show at its highest level of quality. As the show has gone on, it’s gotten bigger — big battle scenes, big special effects. These things take time. Here’s the one thing I can assure you: Dan and Dave were not sitting around on a beach waiting to go back to work. They’re perfectionists and this is the soonest it can come back at a level of quality that they are comfortable with.”

Bloys was asked about the five ‘Game of Thrones’ prequels in development, and whether they are anywhere close to being ordered to pilot. He said:

“They’re moving along. We have some really talented writers working on them. The one thing I will tell you, which we talked about before, any sort of pilot-to-series [order], there’s not going to be anything on our air for a least a year after ‘Game of Thrones’ airs. We’re not using the final season to launch a new show or anything like that. There’s going to be a separation between the two. These are among the best writers working and I’m hopeful.”

Virtually nothing is known about the five prequels to ‘Game of Thrones.’ The stories do not include any original cast members and take place during the prior history of Westeros and Essos. Beyond that, there’s only speculation; that the projects will include the Targaryens. Really, how could it not? The house ruled Westeros for 300 years.

Stay tuned for ‘Game of Thrones’ updates as they become available!