There are so many areas of the Disney buyout of Fox to dissect. One is all of the changes which could be made to the television end of the company. For starters, while most of Fox’s content ends up on the FBC, there are concerns from fans that many could move to ABC. That is one area which Chairman and CEO Dana Walden was quick to shut down by stating that “Fox Broadcasting Shows will continue to be on FBC” and that at this time “There is no plans to move Fox shows over to ABC.”

So if ‘The X-Files’ ends up continuing on somehow without Dana Scully, it doesn’t sound like it would be on ABC but would remain on Fox.

This isn’t too surprising of a move as even after the year it will take for the buyout to get through the regulation process, any plans to television programming will likely take quite some time to plan out. Also, why publicize any planned changes that could fall through if the government doesn’t approve the deal? On top of that yo, can’t say that the two channels always have the same target audiences in mind.

While plans aren’t looking to shift anytime in the near future, Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman cautioned:

“I do not mean to say what the future is. The truth is, we don’t really know. We have to operate as if the deal won’t go through. Our anticipation is that it will go through… it will pass regulatory muster. This development season, we are reading scripts. We will make a similar amount of pilots as we have made in the past. We aren’t going to worry about what happens down the road when this deal happens.”

Chances are that any existing contracts will be honored and most of the shows will continue where they are as long as ratings make sense for that to happen. However, there will likely be a shift on all of these properties to start moving streaming services as soon as possible once Disney’s gets going and any other contracts come to the end of their lifespans.

Are you glad that things are going to continue as usual over at Fox for the content which they’re providing? Is this any surprise for you that on the standard television end of things that there aren’t any current major shakeups being spoken about? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly