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David Tennant recently had a panel a Wizard World New Orleans and shared details on quite a few of his body of work including what we can expect to see in Neil Giaman‘s ‘Good Omens‘. Right off the bat, it is clear that he is still rocking the red hair of the demon Crowley on the series.

When opening up about the series, Tennant mentions:

“This is what I’ve got red hair for! Good Omens is a novel written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Terry Pratchett is unfortunately no longer with us but Neil Gaiman is the showrunner, he’s written the scripts and we’re shooting it at the moment.”

Now, not everyone has read this cult classic by two of my favorite authors so Tennant gives his own explanation that is pretty much spot on:

“It’s about a demon and an angel who have both lived on Earth forever and who have become sort of best friends, although they don’t admit it to themselves, and between them they decide to avert the Apocalypse. The Antichrist has been delivered to Earth and they decided to try to make sure he doesn’t come into his full power because they quite like living on Earth and they like doing the things that angels and demons aren’t supposed to like, like drinking wine and having fine dinners and enjoying themselves.”

As Tennant is playing the part of a demon, there are certain things that you would expect from one of these Fallen Angels. One of them is pretty popular in most descriptions of Hell that you can read about:

“And yes, lots of things go on fire, some of which have been happening for real and and other bits which will be added cleverly by people with computers afterwards. It’s been quite a dramatic shoot…it’s a bit old crazy epic novel and everyday there’s a new deal with things exploding and prosthetic heads and special effects. There’s more smoke than fire, the fire tends to be added in afterwards. Although just before we finished for Christmas we set fire to [the bookshop]…it was fun!”

I, for one, just can’t wait to see this series realized on the small screen. I think Tennant is the perfect part for Crowly and it should be interesting to see exactly how they pull off this adaptation.

Are you looking forward to ‘Good Omens’ when it debuts on Amazon? Do you feel that Tennant was a great casting decision for the demon Crowly? How was Tennant’s description of the novel for someone who has yet to read it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: David Tennant News