Things got pretty bleak in Starling City this past season on ‘Arrow.’  The third season kicked off with the death of a major character and things just spiraled from there, climaxing with one of Ollie’s closest allies having to live life on the run, as Oliver himself appeared to betray his teammates to become the heir apparent to Ra’s Al-Ghul’s criminal empire.

But things weren’t all gloom and doom on the set.  Perhaps to relieve themselves from the heaviness of the scripts, the cast had a tendency to cut up between takes and that’s been captured in this gag reel as they flub their lines and generally relieve tension.

You can join in on the hijinks below courtesy of Tumblr user brattyb2:

Things are sure to be a lot more somber when Season Four returns in the fall.  As things left off, Ollie had given up the identity of The Arrow and gone off to pursue a romantic relationship with the lovestruck Felicity.  Thea seems to have warmed to the idea of vigilante life, though, donning Roy’s old costume and calling herself Red Arrow.

What earth-shattering threat will draw Ollie back to Starling City?  What roles will the old Team Arrow assume with this new status quo?  Now that John Barrowman is being bumped up to series regular, how will Malcolm Merlyn influence the events of this season.

Expect some teases, if not outright answers next month at SDCC.  Marvel will be bypassing the huge pop culture summit, so expect Warner Brothers to ramp up their DC reveals to really steal the show.

What would you like to see in this upcoming season of ‘Arrow?’  Any elements from the comic that you’d like brought into the show?  Comment below!

Source: Blastr