Things are getting mixed up over at ‘The X-Files’ as it sounds like creator Chris Carter is taking the show “in a direction we didn’t exactly take last time out.” We know that Gillian Anderson seems unlikely to reprise her show as Agent Scully after the eleventh season so it isn’t too surprising that they’re going to be needing to find a new draw for fans who mainly tune in for the onscreen chemistry between Fox and Dana.

I mean, we all remember what happened the last time that the agents who were in the spotlight on the show changed and it wasn’t pretty for many fans.

Specifically when it comes to these two:

“They have a solid if contentious working relationship. I think the personal relationship takes interesting steps in a direction we didn’t exactly take last time out”

To expand on how this changes things in the entire season, Carter stated:

“We’ve added some elements. We’ve added some popcorn to it. We’re taking the show’s mythology to a new place, which we needed to do. We’ve added humor in more than one place. There’s a darker comedy, one [writer] Darin Morgan idiosyncratic episode, a couple of excellent [writer] Glen Morgan episodes. We’ve basically put the band back together with some notable additions. We also have three credited women writers, two women directors — like everyone else we’re taking a more diverse approach.”

The new aspects could work when we see both Mulder and Scully together, but fans are still on the fence on the news of Anderson being done with the show if it is to continue into the twelfth season.

While it is unclear if either agent would be back for another outing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that things are going to end off on a cliffhanger because Carter plans on the show ending that way:

“I always end it as if it were the last one. It’s become a thing you come to anticipate with this show with “The Erlenmeyer Flask” in Season 1 — we closed The X-Files and killed off a beloved character [Deep Throat played by Jerry Hardin]. Things are often sacrificed in the finale. That’s the interesting thing for me. There’s a vertical corner in the final that I think will get people’s attention…”

When ‘The X-Files’ does come to a close, we’ll all be left waiting for more, and for more than one reason!

Are you looking forward to seeing how the eleventh season of ‘The X-Files’ plays out by taking things in a new direction? Is this a gamble that you think will keep you interested or are you worried that we’ll end up with a season that fans aren’t happy with? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly