Batman-Dark-Knight- Christian Bale

Recently we’ve learned that Christian Bale was interested in visiting a galaxy far far away and almost joined ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ and now we’ve got an interesting tidbit on his take on comic movies. For starters, while he’s “interested” in seeing Ben Affleck’s take on Batman it seems that he’s just “not a huge superhero film fan.” Of course, everyone has their own opinions on these films but you could often imagine that someone working in such an iconic superhero movie that they’d be interested in the others that come out.

At least we know that Bale, who has some fantastic talent, was super into Star Wars as a kid and he still enjoys some of our geeky tastes!

Here is what Bale said on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast about not checking out Affleck as the Dark Knight and not seeing some of the other big-name films out there:

“I have not [seen Ben Affleck’s Batman]. Yes I’m interested [in seeing it], my son seemed like he was really interested, but then I realized he just wanted to see the trailer and that was it—I tend to go see films that [my kids] want to see. I have to confess I’m not a huge superhero film fan. People seem surprised at that, I don’t know why. I’ve not seen any of the Avengers films or any of those films at all. I hear they’re very good, but I’m quite happy just hearing they’re very good.”

It looks like if you’ve got a chance to see a movie with Bale that chances are it isn’t going to be a future Avengers or Justice League movie.

Are you surprised to hear that Christian Bale isn’t a huge superhero fan after playing one of the most iconic takes on Batman that the world has ever known? If you played a character would you be interested in checking someone else’s take on it when released? Share your thoughts below!