iron fist

With all the success afforded to both ‘Daredevil‘ and ‘Jessica Jones‘ on Netflix so far, it is not surprising that fans are clamoring for more Marvel content on the streaming service. And with the delay in any news regarding the fourth hero that was initially part of the Netflix/Marvel plan, ‘Iron Fist,’ it is no wonder that fans are demanding news on whether or not they will be seeing Danny Rand on Netflix. Fortunately, we learned last year that they hired Scott Buck to serve as showrunner on ‘Iron Fist,’ and now we finally have a thread of news to confirm they are still moving forward with the mystical hero.

According to Netflix Content Chief Ted Sarandos, who recently spoke at the Television Critics Association Winter Press tour, casting the main character of Danny Rand in ‘Iron Fist’ is currently “in progress.” Sarandos also spoke on the likelihood of seeing ‘Iron Fist’ released later this year, making it the third Marvel/Netflix series to come out in 2016 (after ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 and ‘Luke Cage):

“It’s certainly possible” to release more than two in a year, but these [Marvel series] are produced on a scale of a major film. So there are long production times and long post times. And in some cases we have character crossovers, which makes it a little difficult to manage production. It’s not the goal to put out more than one or two a year.”

Clearly, I do not think we will be seeing ‘Iron Fist’ in 2016, but it is nice to know it is on the horizon, especially since delaying the show may increase the likelihood of seeing that ‘Doctor Strange‘ cameo we had heard about before. And of course, it is not only the fans that are excited to see the continuation of the Marvel brand on Netflix, as the stars are also excited to see where it all goes. When speaking to ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage’ star Mike Colter, the man had the following to say about finally getting around to the ‘Iron Fist’ series:

“I am, for the main reason that I get a nice little break because I’m like, ‘Jessica, Luke — there is an Iron Fist, right?'” I’m really excited about it. Whether I’ll be in it, I don’t know, but it will be nice to see.”

Do you have any theories on how Netflix is going to handle the supernatural in ‘Iron Fist’ after all the realistic and gritty Marvel shows they have done so far? Share your ideas down in the comments!

Source: TVLine