Christian Bale
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There was a rumor that Christian Bale was up for the role that Woody Harrelson took in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ and now that seems to have been confirmed. Not only that, but it sounds as if Bale would be very interested in working within the franchise in the future! He claims it was “tempting” but didn’t share why he ended up not taking the part.

The reason he would love to be a part of the franchise though has everything to do with the fact that he is a ‘Star Wars’ fan from childhood and even still has toys of both the Millennium Falcon and an At-At in his collection!

According to Bale while being interviewed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast:

“Yes, [it was] very tempting. I not only love the films going back to my childhood but also have a very long relationship with Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall because they did Empire of the Sun many years back. There was discussion, [and] I hope there will be future discussions.”

To be totally honest, I hope future discussions happen as well! Even before ‘Batman Begins’ anyone could tell that Bale was an extremely talented actor. While the Dark Knight trilogy cemented geeks loving his work, this could take it to an entirely different level.

There are a slew of roles you could imagine Bale taking in a galaxy far far away but I’m sure you can tell that I’d love to see him tackle a Jedi or perhaps even Dark Side Force user.

Who knows, maybe he can appear in Rian Johnson‘s planned trilogy in some capacity?

What kind of character would you like to see Christian Bale play in the ‘Star Wars’ universe? Do you think we’ll see him cast in a future film? Share your thoughts below!