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The great Trek debate this past year was if Trekkies preferred ‘The Orville‘ or ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. If anyone was ever unsure of Seth MacFarlane’s true love of the franchise with how clear of a take on it that his new Fox show is, we’ve got a fan film he made of ‘Star Trek’ from when he was a teenager! Yes, this is a super young MacFarlane with friends and has the director in full Captain’s uniform!

You can check out the film that clocks in at just under 3-minutes right here:


Not only does MacFarlane take on Captain Kirk but there is a bit of Scotty here as well as a cameo of what sounds to be Stewie from ‘Family Guy’ over the intercom. It looks as if that is a voice which the creator has long held dear.

What is extra impressive here is that the description of the film puts Seth at only 14 or 15 here. I will be totally honest when I saw that, it made me realise I was nowhere near this accomplished at that age.

While this is likely the first time that MacFarlane took to the small screen to pay tribute to his favorite sci-fi show, it would by no means be the last. He’s referenced it on both ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’ as well as going out of his way to cast ex-Trek actors at any opportunity for his other shows.

And for acting out as a Captain himself? MacFarlane had another chance to do just while younger, though not quite as young, on Adult Swim a few years later.

Talk about living the dream!

Did you enjoy Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Star Trek’ fan video? Does it help show exactly how much of an influence the original series clearly had on ‘The Orville’? Do you believe his show or ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ better captures the feeling for Trekkies everywhere? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Trek Genius