Have you ever wanted to create your own Marvel comic? Many fans are going to answer a resounding “YES!” to that, and now a new tool created in conjunction with TapTap Comics will enable you to do just that! The idea will be to allow you to have a full range of Marvel’s characters and be able to do just about whatever you want with them. You’ll be able to “write, create, and share their own Marvel stories” in “Marvel: Create Your Own.”

The tool isn’t fully available quite yet but will be launching soon, and you can sign up right here to get updates on a launch date and other new features which they’ll be implementing.

Want to know how it works? They don’t fully feature the app here but you can get an idea of what to expect in the video below!

Your favorite characters, your original story. What happens when they collide? Create new panels, write speech bubbles and share your original work with a community of fans.

The app will be usable on both mobile platforms and desktops though it isn’t clear if it is a web interface or not.

The concept is a pretty fun one, and anyone who has ever wanted to create their own stories but has lacked the artistic talent to do so has a fun new way to create and use illustrations to bring their writing to life.

Want to team up Deadpool and Gwenpool? No sweat! Spider-Man and Ant-Man? Done and done! As a certain Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!”

Do you think this is an annoying gimmick or has Marvel just created the best fan fiction tool of all time? Are you going to be making your own Marvel comic using this creator when it is available? Share our thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel