Jason David Frank

Tommy Oliver is back!  The mightiest of morphin’ Power Rangers will be back in the franchise’s newest incarnation ‘Power Rangers HyperForce’, an interactive live-streamed tabletop role-playing game web series.  Jason David Frank played Tommy in ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’, originating as the mysterious Green Ranger, before assuming control of the team as the White Ranger.  He later became the Red Ranger during ‘Power Rangers Zeo’ and again in ‘Power Rangers Turbo’.  He became Zeo Ranger V Red in ‘Power Rangers Wild Force’, then became the Black Ranger in ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’.  He recently popped up alongside Amy Jo Johnson, who played Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger, in the latest film version of ‘Power Rangers’ (above).

It’s unclear which of his various colors or forms he will take, but Frank posted a message on Twitter that he would be returning for ‘HyperForce’:


‘HyperForce’ is not an actual TV series, but an interactive tabletop game, so… investigate before jumping in.

The HyperForce Rangers have journeyed throughout Ranger history, interacting with the original Mighty Morphin team, as well as the Time Force and RPM Rangers.  The premise of the series/game is that time and reality are unraveling, leaving a team of Rangers (played by various internet/social media personalities) to set things right.  By journeying through time, they interact with previous Rangers, like Erin Cahill, who played Jen Scotts, the Time Force Pink Ranger and Karan Ashley who returned as Aisha Campbell, the second Yellow Ranger.  Paul Schrier, who played the bully Bulk in the original ‘Power Rangers’ portrays Jack, the HyperForce Yellow Ranger and Peter Sudarso, who currently stars as Preston the Blue Ranger on ‘Power Rangers Ninja Steel’ depicts Marv the HyperForce Red Ranger, are series regulars along with Andre Meadows as Eddie the Blue Ranger, Meghan Camarena as Chloe the Pink Ranger and Cristina Vee as Vesper the Black Ranger.  Malika Lim serves as the Game Master.  (It is a tabletop game, after all.)

Are you a fan of ‘Power Rangers HyperForce’?  Are you excited that Jason David Frank is joining the fun?

Source: ComicBook.com