The relationship between DC Comics fans and Mattel has certainly had its ups and downs in recent years. With several line cancellations and reboots, as well as a heavy lean on figures based on live-action DC Comics films (which have mostly had tepid reactions from fans as well) that lead to dry spells with hardly any comic style figures. But if the latest offerings Mattel is showing off for their 6″ DC Multiverse line at New York Toy Fair 2018 are a sign of things to come, DC Comics fans are in for a VERY good year!

For starters, Mattel was showing off the latest wave to hit the market, which includes Batwoman, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Martian Manhunter from The CW’s “Supergirl”, as well as DC Rebirth versions of Superman and Two-Face! Each of these figures includes a collect-and-connect piece to build your very own massive Clayface figure! Then comes our first major reveal with new DC Rebirth versions of Beast Boy and Kid Flash being added to the lineup as Toys R Us exclusives. Beast Boy and Kid Flash each include an alternative hand for the Clayface collect-and-connect figure, meaning that you won’t need them to build the basic Clayface figure, but their add-ons definitely add some extra punch for the figure!

Next up is an upcoming wave based around a Lex Luthor collect-and-connect figure that includes Green Lantern Simon Baz, Vixen, ‘Gotham By Gaslight’ Batman, DC Rebirth Wonder Woman, and The Ray with a special translucent variant. This wave will also have some supplemental figures in the form of The Spoiler and DC Rebirth Harley Quinn, but this time around you’ll find them exclusively at Wal-Mart stores! These two also include add-ons for the collect-and-connect figure, with an alternate head and a Motherbox accessory.

Other retailer exclusives announced include a Walgreens exclusive Bizarro figure, plus Gamestop exclusive Die-Cast figures of Batman and Superman based on their appearance in “Injustice 2”!

Finally, we have a handful of figures that standard comic styled, but are totally on a lot of people’s Wishlists! Straight out of the 1990’s are figures based on some of DC’s classic live action features! Figures announced for this line so far include John Wesley Shipp’s “The Flash” from the TV series of the same name, Val Kilmer’s Batman from ‘Batman Forever, and our first look at Danny Devito’s Penguin from ‘Batman Returns’!



What Mattel DC Multiverse figures are you most excited about? Who should they make next? Our fingers are crossed for Chris O’Donnell’s Robin and Mark Hamill’s Trickster! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!