Brenton Thwaites

It would appear that ‘Titans’ has begun filming, according to an Instagram post from Brenton Thwaites, who stars are Dick Grayson/Robin on the series which will be available exclusively on Warner Brothers upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service.  Not only did Thwaites announce, “Here we go!!! First fight scene with my R Kicking ass in a downtown Gotham alleyway. #robinrevealed #titans” but he offered a fresh look at his Robin costume, first glimpsed in a preview photo about a month ago.  (See above.)

This image gives us a slightly clearer look at the top of his costume, which seems to feature a gold clasp at the neck.  Grayson only ever wore a loose-fitting tunic as Robin.  This design draws more from Tim Drake’s more sturdy suit, filtered through the ‘Arkham’ video games.  Presumably, the glasses and parka are Thwaites’ own, unless the show features an arctic exploit of some sort.  If so, if they make toys based on this show, there’s already the basis for an Arctic Attack Robin variant.  I’m not sure if it’s just a shadow or if Thwaites is sporting a soul patch.  If so, don’t.

Check it out below:


Other than Thwaites’ Robin, the only other characters we’ve seen in costume are Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly as recurring supporting characters Hawk & Dove.  All costumes were designed by Laura Jean Shannon.

The series will focus on Dick Grayson who seems to start out as Robin but will eventually become his own man, which seems to indicate that he will eventually adopt his Nightwing persona, although maybe not in the first season.  We do know that the show will feature flashbacks to Dick’s earliest days as part of the Flying Graysons circus act and to his days in Gotham (as indicated in his post), which would seem to include appearances by his stern mentor Bruce Wayne.

Dick’s teammates include Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Raven (Teagan Croft) and Starfire (Anna Diop).  The series also features Lindsey Gort as supporting cast member Amy Rohrbach.  There have been other casting teases, but because producers are using pseudonyms, we’re left to speculate as to what other DC characters may pop up.  Akiva Goldsman, Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns and Sarah Schechter serve as producers.

What do you think so far?