By now we’ve all figured out that ‘The Walking Dead‘ comic book is just the “inspiration” for the TV show and that the show is not a direct adaptation.  Some characters come in sooner on the show than they did in the comics, while some come in later.  Likewise, some characters die sooner, others later.  Some characters haven’t appeared at all, and storylines are adapted at different rates.

Now if you don’t want to be spoiled as to who the big villain will be in Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ then you might want to turn back now as we will be in spoiler territory. 

This week, executive producer David Alpert sat down with parent company AMC to discuss the future of the hit series and it sounds like a certain fan favorite character could hit the series much quicker than he did in the comic.  Not since The Governor has a villain made such an impact on the comic book ‘The Walking Dead.’ That villain is of course jovial, demented, potty-mouthed Negan.

Negan leads a pack of violent marauders called The Saviors and they use their viciousness and strength to subjugate the communities of Hilltop, The Kingdom and eventually Rick’s group’s settlement Alexandria.  They demand half of the resources from each community (otherwise they face violent retaliation) and they also roam the roads causing terror.  In one of his earliest appearances, Negan killed one of the beloved original members of the cast of this series.  On ‘The Talking Dead’ host Chris Hardwick expressed that he couldn’t see how this character could ever be used on TV since every other word out of his mouth is the f-bomb.

Alpert expressed:

“It’s more like things in the comic that I can’t wait to get to. I cannot wait until we introduce Negan. He is just like the coolest f–king character on the planet. You thought the Governor was bad news?”

Well, I guess we know why Alpert relates.

However, comic creator and show executive producer Robert Kirkman refutes that.

“Not really. At the pace that we’re going, we’re talking about somewhere like Season 12. We certainly don’t think that far ahead about what’s going to be on the TV show.”

It’s true.  The current storylines on the TV show are from comics that happened over five years ago and the show moves at a much slower pace.  But like I said, they play a bit loose with their timetables.

However, one major thing that needs to happen before they can logically use Negan, is that Rick and his group need to find the community of Alexandria and settle in there.  And a lot happens in that town before Negan comes along.

It must be pointed out that showrunner Scottt M. Gimple determines the course of the TV series.  We really need to hear what he has to say on the subject.

What do you think?  Do you want to see Negan on the show?  Or do you think they still have a ways to go?

Source: Cinema Blend