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Remember when shortly after Ridley Scott ruined the ‘Alien’ franchise with ‘Prometheus’ that Neill Blomkamp proposed an ‘Alien 5‘ that had the entire Internet excited before ‘Alien: Covenant‘ killed off that idea? Well, the director now has shared two more pieces of concept art of what he had in mind and it is rather timely with Ridley Scott’s next ‘Alien’ movie rumored to be cancelled. While Blomkamp has since gone on to found his own studio and work on a few passion projects, these images might be a play at Fox to give him a shot at realizing his vision.

The first up is an image of an Alien getting ready to attack through a darkened shaft that would probably be one of the worst things ever to see in your final moments of life:

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Secondly, we have a look at what appears to be a Weyland-Yutani Corporation craft that should be pretty familiar to fans.

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While the movie wasn’t fully plotted out, Blomkamp had shared that a 25-page treatment had been sent in that would retcon the events of ‘Alien 3’ and return Newt and Hicks to life as well as bring Ripley back to the forefront. It would have been an action-packed thrill ride that likely would have gone over better with audiences than the consulted mess which Scott has been serving up for the past couple of films.

Scott’s world building most likely could have worked has he started a new franchise with a bit more action instead of trying to tie it into the ‘Alien’ universe where fans were expecting more on the big screen.

Would you still be eager to see ‘Alien 5’ if the executives at Fox give a green light to Neill Blomkamp on making the film? Has Ridley Scott’s recent mess turned you away from Xenomorphs or would you still give them a chance if they were properly handled? Share your thoughts below!