A new casting breakdown for ‘Gambit’ has added a character which is going to be highly at odds with our leading character. We have almost no details about who the person will be outside of the fact that he will be a “villain” so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. There are hints that he will be a rival for Gambit’s love interest in the movie but it is hard to tell if the character they are referring to is even who Channing Tatum will end up pursuing in the film.

Let’s talk about the character being introduced first:

Supporting Character (30-40) Rosa’s fiancé, villain with metrosexual charm. Should be physically imposing.

Some have assumed that Rosa is Gambit’s true love Bella Donna Boudreaux which could give rise to the two fighting over her. In the comics, Bella is the mutant leader of the Guild of Assassins who ended up being manipulated by a Marvel character, which Fox doesn’t have the rights to as he is related to the ‘New Warriors’. Gambit finds out about this and ends this love affair by breaking her free of his manipulation.

The character in question is Donyell Taylor who is Dwayne Taylor’s half-brother. He was known as Bandit and took on his mantle of Night Thrasher after his brother’s death. As we know that Night Thrasher is going to be featured in ‘New Warriors’ you can expect to not see that connection made here.

Do you think that Rosa will end up as Bella Donna Boudreaux and Gambit will have to fight “Butler” to either win her back or free her from his manipulation? As he is being listed as a “supporting character” will he even have any significance at all in the movie? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: That Hashtag Show