doctor who peter capaldi

Peter Capaldi has just shattered a long-held belief of ‘Doctor Who.’ Not only has Capaldi played The Doctor for one of the more interesting runs of the character, but he has also been watching the show since the 1960s and is just as much of a Whovian as anyone else out there. So when someone who is a fan and has portrayed him weighs in on the Time Lord’s name, you can tell it has some gravitas behind it. So for everyone out there who has always been annoyed when The Doctor was being referred to as “Doctor Who,” it sounds like you were in the wrong.

Hardcore fans are going to be taking offense at that statement but during Radio 2’s Access All Areas interview with Capaldi,  he stated:

“We can get into a fight about whether he’s called The Doctor, or Doctor Who. The reason I call him Doctor Who is because when you’re in the street, people don’t shout out, ‘There’s The Doctor!’ They go, ‘Hey, Doctor Who!’ That’s his street name. His street name is Doctor Who.”

We all know that you don’t mess with a Doctor who has street cred. While we do know that The Doctor (and in this case Doctor Who) is more of a title than a name, Capaldi has an answer to that as well. What is the given name of everyone’s favorite time travelling hero?

“I also know his real name. It’s not pronounceable to humans. It’s a frequency that can only be heard of people with good heart. If you haven’t heard it Jo [Whiley], I can’t help you there.”

Sadly, it sounds like I don’t have a good heart. Have any of you had the chance to hear the Doctor’s real name at this point? Do you think you could try and hum it out to us if you can? Were you anti-“Doctor Who” as a name or is Capaldi wrong? Share your wibbly wobbly timey wimey thoughts below!