last jedi

Believe it or not, there are some ‘Star Wars’ fans out there who truly dislike ‘The Last Jedi.’ Actually, “dislike” may be too kind a word. It’s probably more accurate to say they hated ‘The Last Jedi,’ hated everything about what Rian Johnson was trying to accomplish in pushing ‘Star Wars’ in a new direction, breaking ties with the past, and opening the door for new types of stories to be told that do not HAVE to revolve around Luke Skywalker and his famous bloodline. In fact, one fan hated it so much that he went over to and started a petition asking Disney to do to ‘The Last Jedi’ what they did to the 30 years worth of ‘Star Wars’ stories from the old “Expanded Universe”: wipe it from CANON (you can check out the petition here).

Of course, I highly doubt this is something they would be willing to do, because, first of all, although the movie is divisive, there are A LOT of people out there who loved it and thought it was almost as good as ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ Wiping it from canon would just serve to piss off even more fans. Second, it is pretty clear that Disney and Lucasfilm liked the movie, hence why they decided to give director Rian Johnson the chance to direct his own brand new trilogy set in the ‘Star Wars’ universe in the future.

Sadly for the founder of the petition, he seems to be lacking some public relations skills. A recent update had him bemoaning the media attention and fan ire his petition has garnered him and saying he wrote the petition “because I was upset and I was on strong pain medication…” He urged people to find better things to do with their time, like donating to other charities on the internet, which enraged the thousands of people who had already signed his petition who felt he had turned on the cause. Even after another update where he promised he was not “…bought off by Disney” and still disliked ‘The Last Jedi’ and would like to see it stripped from canon, it seems his followers have lost faith in him, especially after statements where he himself said the petition was unlikely to change Disney’s mind.

Still, everyone has a right to express their opinion. They just have to remember that this is the internet and for every strong voice out there, there are a thousand more standing in opposition, ready and willing to battle to prove their opinion is ultimately the superior one. With that in mind, feel free to share your thoughts on the petition and its author in the comments below!