While there were plenty of nods to the original films in ‘The Mummy‘ from every iteration since the 30s incarnation, it sounds like there was never a plan to have a cameo from Brendan Fraser. Interestingly enough, the reason that director Alex Kurtzman gives doesn’t even seem to fit as this was a rebooted universe with no official ties to Fraser’s trilogy of films.

According to Kurtzman:

“We never really talked actively about bringing Brendan Fraser in, because he lived in a very different time period than the modern day and so he would be potentially not even be alive. [Laughs] Unless he himself were a monster, it didn’t seem like he would make a whole lot of sense. And if he were a monster, then we would have had a lot of explaining to do about why he was there.”

As ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ was set in 1946 that would either make Fraser old or having found the Fountain of Youth or some other magical artifact to have kept him around. Or, you know, since this is a reboot he could have just had a cameo by being in the film with no connection to his Rick O’Connell character.

Even with that in mind, the Book of Amun-Ra which was used to defeat Imhotep in the original 1999 film did make a quick appearance in this Dark Universe installment which could eventually mean that O’Connel’s story was the first set of films to actually take place in it. Though, I wouldn’t hold my breath at this being anything more than an Easter Egg. At one point Kurtzman appeared to have confirmed that the original 1932 movie was also part of the “Dark Universe” which could mean that all of The Mummy films and potentially a few others were as well.

Do you feel that Kurtzman’s reasoning made no sense or was the original trilogy of films actually tied to the “Dark Universe”? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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