Taika Waititi

In an explanation that really was never needed for continuity, director Taika Waititi, who directed the absolutely amazing ‘Thor: Ragnarok,‘ explains why the Sakaarians in his film differ so greatly from those seen in the also fantastic ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘. One set was in highly dark armor and looked quite vicious while the other is dressed super brightly and look more terran than anything else.

The question has been brought up before but was recently posed to Waititi on Twitter:

It is a good question! Let’s take a look at those from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ quick before we get to the director’s response!

It should be noted that those who were originally shown were described as Sakaarian troopers which could be heavily geared towards war or being mercenaries over those who are regular civilians on The Grandmaster’s planet. Also, with how difficult it can be to escape from his world these could have been gladiators who arranged a previous escape and were now just freelance warriors who are using their skills honed in the fighting pits. It should also be noted that some of the citizens from the planet do have the same look if not clothing choices of these warriors.

As to Taika’s response?

Apparently, they’re just practical dressers! Much like the mullet is business up front and party in the back it sounds like Sakaarians are warrior outside and partiers on the inside.

As you can see here, they do like to dress a bit more colorfully than in that drab armor the warrior class wear!

They’ve got to have some way to blow off steam for dealing with The Grandmaster’s use of them as conscripts for the army that Thanos has built.

Do you think that Waititi’s response is the perfect reason as to why the Sakarrans are different? Or, do you feel that they’re just another cast and that specific race of the planet’s inhabitants are more frequently conscripted into battle? Share your thoughts below True Believers!