While we’re all still mourning the loss of the amazingly gifted Terry Pratchett,  ‘Good Omens‘ (which is finally getting a televised adaptation on Amazon) will include a tribute to the author. Neil Gaiman knows that his writing partner and friend will never be able to see this take on their work but still wants to make sure it includes something special just for him. How Gaiman managed a quick little tribute was not only perfect but fits right into an already existing scene from the novel without having to use any stretch of the imagination.

Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale owns a bookshop in the novel, and I’m sure it is quickly obvious where this should be going. Gaiman happily shared a video from the set of the shop where it will not only feature a pile of Pratchett’s most well-known works but the hat he was always known to wear. In the scene, the hat will be described as something that “one of the customers left behind and will be back for one day…”

You can take a look at the Instagram post right here!


I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Seriously, though, this likely won’t be the only tribute that is made towards the author for those with a quick eye who will be carefully studying every scene. I suspect there will be Easter Eggs abound from the source material and other works by both Gaiman and Pratchett. This tribute, however, is perfectly fitting for the series and my hats off to you Gaiman. Good job!

Do you appreciate this level of attention to detail for such a perfectly fitting tribute to one of the two authors of ‘Good Omens’? Will Gaiman find a way to fit another tribute into the series? Share your thoughts below!