Rumors swirled, but for now, sources close to the project report that Joss Whedon is still working on the script for Warner Brothers’ ‘Batgirl’ and is still attached to direct.

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Rumors to the contrary emerged earlier when it was stated that Warner Brothers no longer wanted the ‘Buffy’ creator to helm a female-based film after his ex-wife went public with cheating allegations in August.  Reportedly, the studio was worried that additional allegations would emerge regarding Whedon.

This was coupled with the fact that Whedon retooled WB’s would-be flagship ‘Justice League’ after the departure of original director Zack Snyder.  Whedon’s contributions were enough to earn a co-writing credit, but sadly, the film fell far short of expectation in its opening weekend.  One could see where Warner Brothers might want to clean house and anyone involved with ‘Justice League’ behind the scenes would be a logical sacrifice.

But following the success of ‘Wonder Woman’, a female-led movie is a strong bet.  Plus ‘Batgirl’ isn’t just any female hero, but a partner to Batman, the most proven of all film superheroes.  And Whedon has a dynamic track record with both superheroes (‘Avengers’, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’) and female leads (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Dollhouse’).  The fate of several in-development DC Comics movies at Warner Brothers may be up in the air, but ‘Batgirl’ is one of the safer bets.

But it is likely that WB will make some changes to their DCEU, so that may impact Whedon’s approach to the film.  (Say, for instance, Ben Affleck abandons the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, as is rumored.)  We’ll have to see how ‘Batgirl’ fits in.  The film currently doesn’t have a release date.

Once more, there hasn’t been any additional charges of impropriety made against Whedon and hopefully there won’t be.

Are you glad that ‘Batgirl’ with Joss Whedon writing and directing is still moving forward?

Source: Entertainment Weekly