Ben Affleck

Quite a few RUMORS are leaking that may– or may NOT– give an understanding to just what the state of the DC Extended Universe will be like moving forward.  It’s no secret that Warner Brothers has spent hundreds of millions on these movies in hopes of crafting a must-see shared universe of comic book flicks, akin to Marvel’s, but so far things have largely not panned out.

Many were repulsed by the announcement that Ben Affleck had been cast to play Batman/Bruce Wayne, but once the films arrived, most agreed that he was fine in the role, but that the movies as a whole just weren’t very good.  Affleck had been quite enthusiastic when he first signed on, tweaking the ‘Batman V Superman’ script while filming and slated to direct his own solo movie, ‘The Batman’.  Red flags went up, however, when it was announced that he was no longer directing but still starring.  Then came word that his replacement, Matt Reeves didn’t want Affleck in the lead role and had Jake Gyllenhaal in mind.

But a couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Gyllenhaal was instead joining the Marvel Universe as Mysterio in the followup to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.  This may come as great news to Affleck, as it makes it more likely that he will be kept in the role as Batman.  Despite some indications that he wanted to leave, it appears he has changed his mind and is said to be in negotiations to extend his stay in Gotham City.  But the reason why sounds ludicrous!

Oh, Batman?  Really?

Once again, this is a RUMOR but supposedly, Affleck is having “money issues.”  Not to drag him, but he is known for having a huge gambling problem and has even gone to rehab to treat this addiction.  Now, there is no proof that he has slid back into that habit, but the fact that this has been an issue for him makes the idea of him having a financial problem a little more believable.  Add that to the fact that he just got divorced from Jennifer Garner and that also adds credibility to this rumor.

But this is just gossip at this point and no statements have been made indicating any fiscal problems.  And there has very little news about ‘The Batman’, but that is likely because things behind-the-scenes at Warner Brothers are in a state of transition.  IF there is anything big to announce, it should come at San Diego Comic-Con.

Do you want to see Affleck carry on as Batman?  Or had you accepted the likelihood that he would be replaced going forward?

Source: Comic Book Movie