We have a slew of set photos for you today from ‘Batman V. Superman Dawn Of Justice‘ and while some of the are a bit spoiler filled, I’ll be gentle with the first one. Right off the bat I’m sharing with you a photo of Henry Cavill As Clark Kent on set and its just a little treat to enjoy.

If you recall, at the end of ‘Man of Steel,’ Lois Lane was welcoming Clark Kent to “the Planet.’ Now we see what this mild manner reporter will be looking like in the sequel. While he is not wearing his trademark Kent glasses, that could be because the photo was taken between filming . The shirt he’s holding is a bit of a photo support for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Take a gander below:

Good old Clark. Now with all of the niceness (Superman) out of the way lets head over for some images that may give you a little too much info on the film if you want to go into it spoiler free. I think I’ve given you ample warning at this point to turn back if you didn’t want to know more.

First, whatever is going on would appear to have coverage from Gotham News:

As well as Metropolis News!

It would appear quite a few well dressed people are going… Somewhere.

It looks like they are at where the Superman statue was. Yup, that looks rather destroyed and people aren’t looking too happy:

Now people are laying things down as if in tribute by the destroyed statue.

And more flowers on the statue’s remains.

Is this is a hint towards a ‘Death of Superman’ arc? Are we going to be seeing it in the current film or one of the Justice League movies that are all pretty much be filming back to back? That is pure speculation is it could just be a group of people giving tribute to the statue that may have been destroyed byt he actions of say Lex Luthor and the populace just wants to show their support. We’ll be finding out in time!

Do you think the will be a ‘Death of Superman’ arc with Doomsday or something else entirely? Share your thoughts below!

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for May 6th, 2016.

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