The films in the DC Extended Universe haven’t really been known for their after the credits scenes as we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that all is going to be changing with ‘Justice League‘. Not only will there be two as the film’s credits roll but if these rumored shots appear to be true, it could be setting up a couple of the upcoming installments for the franchise. Obviously, these are huge spoilers if true so you might want to turn back now.

Of course, they’re also just the rumored cutscenes so take that as you will.

The first of which is a set-up for ‘Aquaman‘ while the second is the more important of the two. In it, we supposedly have Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke breaking Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor out of prison. With Luthor on the loose again it seems like a clear setup as to we might see our heroes battling against going forward.

In fact, when asked about who they’d like to fight next both The Flash and Wonder Woman chimed in on that in a recent interview stating that:

“After fans exit Justice League, they’re likely going to be saying: I can’t wait for Justice League 2. Who would you want the team to go up against in the sequel?

Ezra Miller: “The Injustice League. I think I can speak for everyone in the League when I say that we’re extremely excited by the prospect of continuing this journey. We don’t really know for sure, and we’re usually the last people to find out, but… each of the heroes in this movie has specific nemeses, and I think seeing some incarnation of the Injustice League (which includes Lex Luthor, Joker, Deathstroke and more) would be something that DC fans would be pretty stoked about.”

Gal Gadot: “There’s so many good villains in the DC universe, but I would love to fight Cheetah. She’s a girl, and that could be very interesting.””

While it would at first seem like some wishful thinking on the fights there, you almost have to wonder if Miller may have shared something that he’d heard on set or from one of the directors. While actors are often kept in the dark for franchises these days, we do know that Luthor, The Joker, and Harley Quinn are already out there which would make The Injustice League feasible. Deathstroke has been mentioned as a villain in the ‘Batman’ movie previously and including him here would be a good start to the setup. Add in that other fan-favorites from the team such as Black Manta is rumored to debut in ‘Aquaman’ while both Catwoman and Poison Ivy could show up in ‘Gotham City Sirens’ could round out the team.

Not to mention secondary filler characters from the two ‘Suicide Squad’ movies which could easily help carry this idea.

Would you love to see Wonder Woman take on Cheetah in one of her sequels? Is Miller hinting that The Injustice League is slowly being formed for a future fight? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Uproxx