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Fan favorite Felicia Day is headed to Filory.  Syfy’s ‘The Magicians’, based on the Lev Grossman’s novels, is conjuring up a third season and Day will be taking on a role that readers of the books should be familiar with– Poppy.

THE MAGICIANS — “Do You Like Teeth?” Episode 306 (Photo by: Eric Milner/Syfy)

Day expressed:

“I am thrilled to join The Magicians this season.  The show is one of my favorites, the cast is incredible to work with, and showrunner, Sera Gamble, is one of my Hollywood heroes. I can’t wait for fans to meet Poppy!”

Poppy is described as:

“A postgraduate fellow from Brakebills who is discovered in Fillory doing interesting field work as a Dragonologist, Poppy feels destined to help the gang reinstate magic to the universe. After all, there’s no way that someone who talks to dragons doesn’t know a thing or two about particularly powerful magic, given that dragons are some of the oldest and most powerful magical beings of all time.”

Magic was wiped out at the end of Season Two, following the deaths of Ember and Umbra.  Season Three will see the cast embark on a quest with Poppy serving as something of an “information sponge.”

Regarding the ending of Season Two and its impact on the characters, executive producer and showrunner John McNamara said:

“They all have an individual relationship to magic. I would say the most ambivalent is Penny, even though he has one of the coolest powers, when it works. The most devastated will be Alice, because that’s the last connection she had to that Niffin state that was so ecstatic for her. Plus, for her entire life, she was considered a prodigy. Each character is going to have a unique response to it and, obviously, the fairies aren’t just going to go away.”

‘The Magicians’ increased in ratings in its second season by 4.5%, so things are looking up for this series.  Seasons One and Two premiered in prior Januaries.  A specific release date hasn’t been announced for Season Three, but it’s possible if not likely that Season Three will follow suit in 2018.

Are you a fan?  Are you excited that Felicia Day will be joining the cast?

Source: The Nerdist