Despite a few special occasions, Oliver Queen has largely left his life with Team Arrow behind in favor of focusing on his son and his job as the mayor of Star City. But while Ollie may be happy to leave his life on a team behind, ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell may have just joined one of the biggest factions in professional wrestling history.

Previously, long-time wrestling fan Amell stepped into a WWE ring to go toe to toe with Stardust after the WWE Superstar had provoked the actor for many weeks. This feud culminated with a tag team match at the company’s annual SummerSlam event, though the rivalry continued when The CW’s Emerald Archer won a Slammy Award  for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Celebrity Moment of the Year of 2015. However, even though it looked as if the Prince of Dark Matter and the Green Arrow were destined to meet in the WWE one more time, Stardust AKA Cody Rhodes left the company and the story seemed to be over.

Fast forward to 2017: Rhodes is one of the biggest stars in wrestling today even though he is no longer part of the WWE. After a grand tour throughout the independent circuit, he joined the Bullet Club, a group that has roots in Japan’s NJPW but then grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. Now known as “The American Nightmare”, Rhodes signed an exclusive contract with Ring of Honor where he is their reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion.

As for Amell, he stayed friends with Rhodes and has collaborated with him in a number of ways outside of a wrestling ring including a few guest spots on ‘Arrow’ for the Son of the Son of a Plumber and a couple of limited edition Nocking Point wines. But his desire to step in the squared circle persisted. Now it looks like the next chapter of their in-ring saga will finally continue because the star just announced on Twitter earlier this week that he will be appearing at an upcoming ROH show on Friday, November 17th in San Antonio, Texas.

With Rhodes set to team with Bullet Club leader and IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega against “Almighty” Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian that night, it doesn’t look like the long-awaited singles match between Cody and Stephen Amell will finally be taking place at night one of ROH’s Survival of the Fittest weekend. Although, that doesn’t mean that the actor won’t be getting physical. The question now is whether he’ll stand across the ring from his former WWE foe or stand with the elite Bullet Club general and his real life friend.

But one question that has an easy answer is “Why?”. The short answer is that ROH is clearly looking to build up their card with as many must-see stars as possible since they’ll be running head to head with WWE in Texas that weekend. Not only will their big Survivor Series pay per view event be held in Houston on the 19th, but their developmental brand NXT is running a house show in the Alamo City on the 17th featuring former Bullet Club member and ROH standout Adam Cole facing off against NXT Champion Drew McIntyre with WWE Hall of Famer and Texas wrestling legend Shawn Michaels as the guest referee. Could the addition of Amell bolster ticket sales as the much smaller ROH goes against the wrestling juggernaut known as the WWE? We’ll find out next week.

But until then, what do you think of the ‘Arrow’ star getting back in the ring? Are you surprised that it won’t be for the WWE? And do you think that he’ll stand with or against Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club? Sound off in the comments.