A few days ago, we learned that four more characters would appear on ‘Titans’ but as is usually the case, they were given aliases, so we were left to speculate, based on their descriptions, who they were, presuming that they are characters that originated in DC Comics.  Now, some of their dialogue has been revealed, which helps clarify things a bit.  There has also been another character added to the mix– one with deep ties to one of the ‘Titans’.

In the original character descriptions, the main character was given the alias ‘John Crossland’ but that was an obvious alias for Dick Grayson, founding Titan, Robin and later Nightwing.  Brenton Thwaites will portray Grayson and it appears the show will delve into his origin.  A new character, ‘Ben Crossland’ is also being cast and here is the sample dialogue actors have been given with which to audition:

Wife – John, Come away from there.

John Crossland – But Mom you won’t believe how many people are out there!

Wife – But if they see you now it will ruin our big entrance

Ben Crossland – And it’s bad luck

John Crossland – You’re making that up

Ben Crossland – No, it is. It’s like a groom isn’t suppose to see his bride the night before the ceremony.

Wife – Don’t listen to him John. There isn’t any bad luck here tonight.

Ben Crossland – You ready to make some noise?

John Crossland – You bet!

Wife – Because you know what they say..

Ben Crossland – …a family that sings together…

John Crossland – Stays together!

As another mislead, this family is referred to as singers, but like the fake names, is meant to disguise the fact that this is a family of circus acrobats.  Ben Crossland is clearly John Grayson, while the “wife” is Mary Grayson.  (Presumably, this isn’t ‘Titans’ failing the Bechdel Test.  This is the audition script for ‘Ben’ and “wife” simply denotes the relationship between the two.)

Now to backtrack a bit.  One of the new characters teased a few days ago was ‘Daniel Cross’, who I surmised was a pseudonym for Jason Todd, based on the description, but that appears to be incorrect.

DANIEL CROSS: Male, 17-19, Caucasian. Athletic, street smart, cocky, yet charming. His life is changed forever when he crosses a crime fighter and is given a new outlet for his rebellious ways. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

But here is the sample dialogue provided for his character:

Daniel Cross – Now your not talking to me?

Henchmen – I told you to stop the bleeding

Daniel Cross – It’s not my fault I’m not a doctor

Henchmen – You shot him in the first place?

Daniel Cross – Because he was shooting at me! Or maybe you would have liked that. Yeah me dead in the back. And that sadistic ass talking baseball stats with you.

Henchmen – Of course not

Daniel Cross – You want to put all of this on me? Fine. But I am getting tired of you always trying to make me feel like a screw-up. You don’t like the way I do things? Maybe your just jealous because I am the one that gets results. That I’m the one Tony always comes to when he needs to get the hard job done.

Henchmen – If you and Tony are so tight why is he trying to kill you?

Daniel Cross – Same reason he wasn’t too worried about you getting caught in the crossfire. Because nothing I do. Nothing either one of us do is ever going to be enough. We spent our whole lives trying to get Tony to notice us. Trying to get him to give a shit about us. But nothing either of us do is ever going to make that happen. Dad is always going to see us as expendable. We have to stop him. And we have to do it together…

Tony would logically be Boss Tony”Fats” Zucco, the crime boss who ordered the hit on the Flying Graysons.  The dialogue reinforces a criminal element.  But the twist comes when ‘Daniel’ refers to Tony as “Dad.”  There’s also the implication that the unnamed ‘Henchman’ may also be the son of Zucco, but that’s unclear.  (As with “wife” since this is the audition for Daniel Cross, the other character doesn’t need a specific name.)

Zucco is never shown having a family (at least that I’ve seen).  If Daniel Cross is Tony Zucco’s son, he is either a brand new character or an altered version of an existing character.  For instance, going back to my guess– that this is Jason Todd– it’s possible the ‘Titans’ creators are altering that character to make him the son of Zucco.  Or it could be another DC character, whose history has been tweaked for this show.

Another thought, just because at this point, Daniel and “henchman” are mobsters, doesn’t mean that will remain that way.  It’s possible either or both could see the error of their ways and switch sides.

Moving on, another character revealed was ‘The Messenger’.  Here was his original description:

THE MESSENGER: Male, 50s-60s, Open ethnicity. Outwardly a warm and kind presence, he doesn’t seem the type to be powerful or malicious. But he has the ability to turn on a dime and be the most terrifying man you have ever met. Seeking offer only names/recognizable faces…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Now here is his dialogue:

The Messenger – I have bread in the oven. And if I don’t pull it out it will burn. And I would really like it not to burn. Unfortunately, to rescue my bread…I’m going to have to move. You could shoot me but then I couldn’t answer your question. In all honesty I don’t know where the boy is. All you’ve thought about for the last three days is wanting to punish the guilty. I imagine you count me among them. Now you’re here with your gun. Exhausted. Eat…Ham and Cheese? Olive and salida bread. Mmm. We can have this conversation with some civility. You are a man chasing God’s neck and never touch them. Forget the boy and think about your future. Come on. Go home. One drink for the road?

Clearly the name “The Messenger” is a play on the expression “Don’t shoot the messenger.”  Based just on this dialogue, he appears to be a low-level informant of some sort.  But the fact that the role is a recurring guest star, there has to be more to him.  And the character description hints at someone much more sinister and powerful.

The character seems very refined– a Hannibal Lecter type.  My original guess was Brother Blood.  That could possibly still be true.  But honestly, I’m not sure.

Check back for updates as new information surfaces.

What do you think?  Any guesses as to who these characters could be?

Source: Omega Underground