Since Marvel NOW launched, the flagship X-Men book was ‘All-New X-Men’ under the direction of former ‘Avengers’ guy Brian Michael Bendis. But now, Cyclops is looking to change that as another book is coming next month that aims to reclaim the “Uncanny” adjective and reestablish the title to it’s former glory.

As we’ve seen in the pages of ‘All-New X-Men’, Scott Summers is rebuilding the Uncanny X-Men with the help of Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik. Come February 2013, they’ll spin off into their own title also written by Bendis featuring art by Chris Bachalo. But it appears that there are a whole lot of problems coming their way beyond Charles Xavier’s First Class coming back from the past to change the present.

According to a new teaser image for ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #1, there’s a traitor among the new roster of the team. Little is known about the new recruits, but the senior members of the group have plenty of motivation to betray the others. They’ve all been bad guys at one point or another, but after what happened in ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’, some have more reason than others to betray the group. I’ll get into that after you check out the image below:

Now that you’ve seen the suspects, which one could be the traitor? Scott Summers has always been looked at as a boy scout, but after AvX, things have definitely changed, so I’m not sure that he’d be the first choice. Magik, whose powers had remained enhanced after the Phoenix left her unlike her teammates, has been a shady character with questionable motives for some time. Emma Frost, who appears to have resurrected her Black Queen persona, definitely has a score to settle with her ex-boyfriend, Cyclops, who nearly killed her when he stole her portion of the Phoenix Force. And then there’s Magneto, the one-time biggest foe of the X-Men.

Although Magneto is a special case as he is the one who called Xavier to stop Scott during AvX, remember? Bendis said to Marvel in an interview about this new title that a “bold, new chapter” is coming for Magneto, so he’s my number one guess. Though he may look menacing with his new black and white uniform, I think he might be the one to betray Cyclops in favor of the team a the Jean Grey School. But who really knows besides the X-office at Marvel right now?

With that said, who do you think is the traitor in ‘Uncanny X-Men’? Do you think it could be a new recruit or an old veteran of the team? Share your theories in the comments below!

While you mull over who could be the traitor and formulate your theories, check out this cover gallery featuring variants for ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #1, including one that features Deadpool and 53 state birds, which is a direct jab at DC and their 52 variant covers for ‘Justice League of America’ #1. ZING!