There’s going to be an ‘Annabelle: Creation’ reunion.  ‘A:C”s director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran are now working on Warner Brothers’ ‘Shazam!’.  Now star Grace Fulton is in negotiations for an undisclosed role in the superhero adaptation about Billy Batson, a young teenage boy who transforms into a magical adult superhero.  Zachary Levi has signed on to play the adult Shazam, while the Billy role has not been announced yet.  ‘Kingsman’ star Mark Strong is reportedly in negotiations to play villain Doctor Thaddeus Sivana.

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Prior to ‘Annabelle: Creation’, Fulton was last seen in the film ‘Painted Horses’.  Before that, she had roles on TV shows like ‘The Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Revenge’.

Her ‘Shazam!’ role is referred to as a “friend” o the main character Billy.  It’s unclear what that could mean, considering that Batson is a kid and Fulton is 21 years-old.  She could be a teacher or counselor.  Since Billy is an orphan, she could also work in the foster care system.

One possibility– and it’s a long shot– is a version of Mary Marvel, the heroic alter ego of Billy’s twin sister.  With her dark features, Fulton could pass as an onscreen sister to Levi.  But usually when Mary transforms, she doesn’t age like Billy, or at least not as dramatically.  But that could have been changed for the movie.

Another possibility is Adrianna Tomaz or Andrea Thomas.  Both are alter egos of the hero Isis.  Andrea Thomas, portrayed by Joanna Cameron, starred on the live action series ‘The Secrets of Isis’ which aired alongside a live action ‘Shazam!’ series.  The two shows also crossed over on occasion.  Filmation later created animated versions of ‘Shazam!’ and Isis (part of a team called ‘Freedom Force’) although those aired separately.

On ‘The Secrets of Isis’, Andrea Thomas is a caring high school teacher, which would make her a logical character to interact with Billy Batson.

In 2006, DC introduced their own version of the character whose real name was Adrianna Tomaz as a nod to Andrea Thomas (the original character is owned by Filmation).  DC’s version was an Egyptian slave who was offered to conqueror Black Adam, but whose strong spirit, kindness and rationale helped convince Adam to change his ways for the better.  It was during this time that Adam became a hero and protector to his home nation Khandaq.  But the deaths of Isis and her brother Osiris drove Adam back to the dark side and he murdered everyone in rival nation Bialya.

Both Andrea and Adrianna drew their powers from a mystic amulet and could harness the forces of nature.

Obviously, DC can’t refer to the character as Isis anymore, as the name has been ruined.  A different version of the character, Zari Adrianna Tomaz, who simply goes by Zari, played by Tala Ashe is now a regular character on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.  She is a hacker from the distant future and can manipulate the wind, thanks to a mystic totem.

If Fulton is playing a version of Andrea/Adrianna, as a teacher she connects to Billy, but the door is open to her role being expanded in the ‘Black Adam’ movie starring Dwayne Johnson.  That would help connect the two movies, which originally started out as one.

Then again… maybe Fulton isn’t playing a super character at all.

More info as it is released…

‘Shazam!’ strikes theaters on April 5, 2019.  ‘Black Adam’ is currently being written with no release date scheduled.

Source: Variety