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WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read on if you are not caught up on Season 6 of ‘Arrow!’

David Ramsey posted a new photo on Instagram this week showing off his new costume on ‘Arrow’ this week, by which of course I am referring to the man sporting the full Green Arrow costume itself. As you may remember, last week’s episode ended with Oliver stepping down from the mantle of Green Arrow amidst an FBI investigation into his costumed identity as well as fear from his son William that Oliver would be killed in action, leaving Oliver feeling like he had no choice but to ask Diggle to take his place. Of course the timing could not be worse since Diggle had recently confessed to Dinah that he had lied to the team about not taking any injuries on Lian Yu and had actually taken shrapnel to his shoulder, leaving him with degenerative nerve damage that had ruined his ability to aim, thus hurting his effectiveness in the field. The whole thing will definitely make him a less than capable Green Arrow when Diggle steps out into the field, as shooting a bow and arrow is not any easier than shooting a gun. Still, the story is ripe for drama and possibilities.

It is cool to see David Ramsey in the costume itself, especially with the caption which reads: “@Stephen Amell until you return my friend…I accept.” (which apparently is in response to a Tweet Amell posted last week announcing to Ramsey “you’re up.”) Check out the Instagram post of Ramsey in the costume for yourself below:

@StephenAmell until your return my friend… I accept. #arrowseason6

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What are your thoughts on Diggle taking on the mantle of Green Arrow? Would you have been happy about it even if he was not in a compromised state? How long do you think the show will drag it out, or do you think we’ll see Oliver back in the costume by the end of next episode? Feel free to share your thoughts/ theories in the comments below!