hela thor: ragnarok

Apparently, while Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo were visiting an Australian chat show recently, the host potentially got ahold of some information that he should not have been talking about on air, and might have leaked some plot information about ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ that dramatically changes how we see Hela from her comic book incarnation.

WARNING: If this is a true slip, then a major spoiler lies ahead! 

You can check out the video below (it is around the 6:20 mark where the incident occurs), but the host starts asking questions about working with Cate Blanchett and repeatedly refers to her as Thor and Loki’s “sister,” which, based on Hemsworth and Ruffalo’s expressions, was a very bad thing to d0. This makes me think this was more than just an uninformed host making assumptions about a character. Follow that up with them asking him to stop talking about the sister and the whole thing gets a bit uncomfortable. I really do think this host gave away the fact that in the MCU Hela is the sister of Thor and Loki, instead of being the daughter of Loki like in the comics.


To be fair, it makes a lot more sense this way for the MCU. Being the daughter of Loki would be a bit of a stretch considering the relative ages of the actors playing these characters, and having Cate Blanchette play their powerful sister, to me, gives her a bit more weight in the story, and helps explain why she would be able to bring about Ragnarok and potentially why she would want to do so, having been cast aside by Odin in favor of her brothers.

Of course, if this all turns out to be incorrect this will all go out the window, but if it turns out to be true, I cannot imagine the fans will be too upset by the changes, especially if, in the end, she still remains mostly the same character she was in the comics. But I’ve been wrong before.

What are your thoughts here? Do you think being the daughter of Loki is an important part of the Hela character that should not be changed? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!