green lantern justice league

For quite some time now, fans have been wondering at the marketing for ‘Justice League’ with the phrase ‘Unite The Seven,’ as so far we only know of six members of the ‘Justice League’ appearing in the movie: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. Add to that the fact that in August fans learned that on the soundtrack apparently there is a track titled “Unite The Seven’ and speculation got even more intense. Then there was talk about there being “no Lantern” by the villain in the trailer, plus Henry Cavill teasing Green Lantern’s involvement, and things began to add up (no pun intended), except there was no official confirmation.

Now, adding to the rumor mill, a new promotional tie-in with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ gives fans a chance to attend the premiere of the movie in a contest, wherein they visit the ‘Big Bang Theory’ website and enter the “Geekstakes” by registering and spinning the wheel that has each member of the League’s logo’s on it, including, oddly enough, The Green Lantern’s logo (Check it out for yourself below). 

Did “The Big Bang Theory’ just inadvertently confirm that the Green Lantern is indeed a part of the movie? They are part of the Warner Bros family (hence the corporate tie-in), and I could totally see this kind of oversight by someone in the marketing department. Or it could just be they had an extra slot on the wheel and decided to throw in the logo of a hero who is often associated with the Justice League, even if he is not in the movie. Who knows at this point, but I am holding out hope for a Lantern, and for it to be John Stewart, who is my favorite Green Lantern.

What are your thoughts here? Did ‘Big Bang Theory’ let the cat out of the bag? Or is this just a coincidence? Share your thoughts in the comments below!