We’ve been dying for new details on the second season of ‘Legion’ and this footage makes it look to be just as fun and unique as the freshmen outing! When the first chapter came to a close, it looked as if Dan Stevens’ David Haller had defeated the Shadow King and was on a new path to his life. Fans of the comics know that putting the Shadow King is a lot easier said than done and we also know that he escaped through Jemaine Clement’s Oliver who was going to head “someplace warm.”

Of course, Haller didn’t get that happy ending either as he was captured and taken somewhere else.

It takes a minute and two seconds of FX’s programming teaser to get to the new clips from the season, and they all flash by pretty quick so get ready to pause a lot. Take a quick look below!


We know that Syd and Ptonomy quickly return to help David though still aren’t quite sure what has happened. A new musical number appears to be in the works with Plaza and Clement, and finally, we get some advice from Cary that we need to open our minds as things get strange.

That’s saying a lot from what ‘Legion’ has delivered so far.

Navid Negahban(‘Homeland’) will be the new Shadow King going forward, and states:

“Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza. These two were kind of babysitting me. Aubrey was guiding me [on] what was the journey of the character. A beautiful, sweet group of people to work with. I just love them. They took me in, I don’t know, like an orphan, and they gave me a home.”

Of the two who are with the Shadow King we learn from showrunner Noah Hawley:

“Lenny and Oliver are being used by this character, Amahl Farouk. He wears their faces from time to time. It’s his way of hiding himself. I had this thought of, ‘What does Freddy Krueger do during the day?’ I thought it was interesting, the idea of the downtime of these characters. They’re not being used and so what is reality like for them? They’re being placated, that they’re in some place beautiful that may not actually be a physical space, it may be a mental space, like an astral plane. They have everything they need, they’re by the pool, it’s beautiful, but at a certain point, there’s part of them that realizes that they’re just trapped in this reality they don’t have any control over.”

I’m pretty sure that the messing with David and our minds that happened in the first season are going to be nothing compared to what we see moving forward.

Are you excited for the second season of ‘Legion’? Do you think that the Shadow King will be even more of a threat this time around? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Entertainment Weekly