Mike Colter appears to be the man of the hour right now, as fans are eagerly anticipating his role in the upcoming ‘Jessica Jones‘ series on Netflix and the release of his own show ‘Luke Cage‘ following that. Despite his busy schedule, Colter sat down with IGN to discuss his upcoming role as Luke Cage on ‘Jessica Jones.’ He began by discussing where Cage is during the ‘Jessica Jones’ series, and how that will work to set up his own series:

“He is a guy with a lot of history, he’s a fugitive on the run, no one really knows who he is or his true identity, so he’s kind of staying to himself. So when you find him there he’s just kind of like going about his everyday life, trying to just put the pieces back together. And the pieces we’re talking are pieces you’ll find out later why he is the way he is, and why he’s on the run and why he’s hiding all these things.”

He also spoke about his relationship with Jessica, and what exactly it is that brings the two characters together:

“Broken souls. The two of them are damaged inside, and who isn’t? When you’re looking for love, looking for someone to make you feel whole, I think the two of them have pieces that they’re missing. And they are kind of opposites too, and I think opposites attract. I think visually they’re opposite, I think the ways they behave are opposite – if you even look at the way their apartments are it’s a different set up. So I think they are opposite but at the same time there is something they can’t quite deny, and something innate inside them that draws them together.”

Lastly, Colter discussed both ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage’ and their place in the MCU next to ‘Daredevil,’ with Colter specifically speaking on how he enjoyed the theme music for ‘Jessica Jones’ and talking about how Luke Cage will be different from its predecessors.

“When you find Luke Cage he goes to Harlem, completely different backdrop, completely different culture, different musicality, different tone, even the lingo… everything starts to feel a little different because Luke is hanging out with a different group of people, so we have a different flavor for everybody I think.”

While it is surprising how much of the hype for the upcoming ‘Jessica Jones’ series has revolved around Mike Colter and Luke Cage, I do think that both shows have a lot of potential to meet up to the standard set by ‘Daredevil.‘ With ‘Jessica Jones’ coming to Netflix on November 20th, we are only a few short weeks away from finding out more about her and Luke Cage, and being able to delve into yet another chapter leading up to the formation of the Defenders.