dark matter

After Syfy sadly canceled ‘Dark Matter‘ after only three seasons, it looks as if one unlikely candidate to bring the series back to life was MGM. The strange part about this union would have been that they wanted to make it a ‘Stargate’ crossover series! Clearly, this didn’t go through and a fourth season of the show is entirely off the table at this point.

While we were all rooting for series creator Joseph Mallozzi to find a new home for the crew of the Raza it just seems like it wasn’t meant to be. The idea for the show would have been to bring it to the Stargate Command proprietary streaming service which launched last month. With the ability to stream any ‘Stargate’ movie or television show and a prequel web series titled ‘Stargate: Origins,‘ this idea would have worked if the show ended up being related to ‘Stargate.’

The idea seemed like an interesting one as Mallozzi said that moving the show there would have “afforded us a host of possibilities, from 20-minute installments to a full series.”

In fact, there is a bit of groundwork there as well as Mallozzi was also an executive producer on ‘Stargate SG-1’, ‘Stargate: Atlantis’, and ‘Stargate Universe’ so his ties to the franchise run deep. If they had gone that route, the idea “would have seen Dark Matter’s fourth season premiere on MGM’s streaming platform, Stargate Command, alongside the upcoming Stargate: Origins series.” There are a few scenarios that would have made this work, but likely they would have gone with a miniseries “that would have allowed us to wrap up the series and give the fans closure Syfy denied us.”

However, another scenario would have been a direct crossover with ‘Stargate’:

“It was pitched as an opportunity to reward some of the longstanding Stargate fans with a return visit from some familiar faces. If the notion had gained traction, next step would have been dialing Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper into the mix, since they were the creative forces behind the [Stargate] television franchise, and I couldn’t imagine returning to that world without them.”

As ‘Stargate SG-1’ was a military unit that had Earth exploring the Universe through a Stargate, the Blink Drive on ‘Dark Matter’ would have offered a convenient door to bring these two worlds together.

This would have given us closure to the series and Stargate Command a new reason for subscribers to sign on. Sadly, time ran out on contracts for just about everyone and everything involved in the show. While the creator is “still holding out hope that somehow, some way, we can find a way to give fans that series-ending miniseries” it is more likely that the only way we’ll get closure at this point is a novel or comic book that would give us a final chapter.

Would you have wanted to see ‘Dark Matter’ move to “Stargate Command” for either a final chapter or to branch out into the greater Stargate universe? Who which iteration of Stargate would you have liked to see possible cameos come from? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Verge