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Fans of ‘The Witcher’ series know that the Bard Dandelion tends to narrate what is going on with Geralt throughout the series. While the character will be called Jaskier on the show, his purpose here isn’t to be a narrator. As the two often travel together, we know that Jaskier is there to help show us a more human side of Geralt. This is precisely what showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich plans to do with the character and not as a narrator as he is often used as.


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According to Hissrich:

“Going back to Jaskier, he’s absolutely in the series. We didn’t look to him as narration, frankly because when I write narration, I tend to get a little bit lazy in the actual storytelling. It sounds like a ridiculous thing, but if you can have someone tell you what you’re watching, then you don’t really need to watch it. To me, it was about the best way to include Jaskier in the stories, and that, in my opinion, is being a foil to Geralt. Their scenes together are amazing.

Yeah, Jaskier drives Geralt a little bit crazy, but also is able to, he’s a little bit of a truth-teller to Geralt, and he’s able to get in. You know, I always talk about that soft squishy place inside Geralt that he wants to keep it all in, and Jaskier basically points at it, he’s like a five-year-old, and like digs in and sort of just basically pokes at him. So it’s a lot of fun.

On the upcoming Netflix series, Jaskier will be portrayed by Joey Batey who has had experience in period pieces having starred in both ‘The White Queen’ and ‘Knightfall.’ This will likely help him fit well within the series, and I can’t wait to see how he pushes Henry Cavill‘s Geralt. It will be interesting if these interactions help to balance the darkness and humor found in ‘The Witcher.’

Are you looking forward to seeing Jaskier appear in ‘The Witcher’ as a way to humanize Geralt? If you’re familiar with Joey Batey’s work, do you feel that he’s the perfect actor to pull this off? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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