Arrowverse crossover

It turns out that fans haven’t seen the last of ‘Arrow’ baddie Prometheus.  The villain will play a role in this season’s four-way crossover between ‘Supergirl’, ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, but it won’t be the exact same foe that Oliver and Team Arrow battled last season.

As was previously revealed, this year’s event will be entitled ‘Crisis On Earth-X’ and will be built around the DC Comics concept of a parallel world where the Nazis won World War II.  As was teased in the animated trailer for The CW Seed’s series ‘The Ray’, on Earth-X, Ollie, Barry, and Kara are bad guys, called Dark Arrow, Dark Flash and Overgirl.  Opposing them are The Ray (Russell Tovey) and his allies the Freedom Fighters, which includes a heroic version of Red Tornado, who troubled Supergirl in the first season of her series.

Does that mean that on Earth-X, Prometheus– or Prometheus-X as he is referred to– is a hero?  That is unknown, but one clue is that Josh Sagarra, who played Adrian Chase, is not returning.  So who is Prometheus-X?

The least likely explanation is that he is someone new because there would be practically no audience reaction to that.  So who could he be?  One interesting twist would be for it to be Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman).  If the heroes are bad in this world, it would make sense for a typical villain to be a freedom fighter.  A big twist would be for Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), Ollie’s best friend who was killed way back in Season One.  Tommy was no adventurer, heroic or evil, but as shown by Roy Harper and Thea Queen, pretty much anyone connected to Ollie naturally absorbs his proficiency with a bow and arrow.  Tommy’s survival has been teased a couple of times, but this would be the first time that in a sense it would be “real” which could mean big things for Thea.

Another possibility is Roy (Colton Haynes).  Haynes recently vowed that he was returning to the series after a long absence.  And then there is, somehow, Connor Hawke/John Diggle Jr. (Joseph David-Jones), who was Green Arrow in a potential future.   That’s a longshot, but we’re talking parallel worlds here, so don’t rule anything out.  There’s also Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) who even suspected himself of being the Prometheus of Earth-1.

Finally, it wasn’t specified that Prometheus-X would be a male, so that opens the possibility to it secretly being Thea or even Laurel or Sarah.

Who do you think could be hiding under that mask to menace the collective heroes?

The four-part crossover will begin on Monday, November 27, with ‘Supergirl’ at 8pm EST, followed by ‘Arrow’ on a special night, at 9pm.  Things will wrap up on Tuesday, with ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ at their normal times.

Source: Entertainment Weekly