the gifted jaime chung

What happens to mutant-kind when their protectors, the X-Men have gone missing?  We’re about to find out on FOX’s ‘The Gifted’ premieres on Monday night, October 2nd, 2017.  But to get you primed, here is a first look at the opening six minutes of the pilot episode.  The show’s main characters, the Strucker family aren’t present yet, but this fast-paced clip gives you a glimpse at how bleak this world has become, with mutants locked up in detainment centers, struggling just to stay alive.

One such fugitive is Clarice Ferguson, better known as Blink in the comics.  On the series, the character is played by Jamie Chung.  Luckily, Clarice has her trusty teleportation abilities, but unlike the Blink seen in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ (in which the role was played by Fan Bingbing), Chung’s Blink is a novice, who hasn’t quite mastered her mutant gifts yet.

Blink isn’t the only mutant on display in this scene.  We also get to see Blair Redford’s John Proudstar/Thunderbird, Emma Dumont’s Lorna Dane/Polaris and Sean Teale’s Marcos Diaz/Eclipse.  But will their mutant powers be enough to rescue Clarice from the Sentinel Services determined to lock them all up?

Check it out below:


As stated, the focus of the show is on the Strucker family, Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Kate (Amy Acker) and their mutant children Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White).  These characters may or may not be inspired by the X-Men villains Fenris, Andrea and Andreas Strucker, twins with energy abilities that were the mutant children of Captain America’s foe Baron Strucker.  (Andy could be a variation on Andreas.)  The show also stars Garret Dillahunt, Hayley Lovitt and Jermaine Rivers.  (Also, look for a cameo from Stan “The Man” Lee himself.)

Remember, ‘The Gifted‘ kicks off on Monday night!  ‘The Gifted’ is the second live-action show based on Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise, joining FX’s ‘Legion’ which returns early next year with a longer ten-episode season.

Are you enjoying the mutant surge on TV?