Miles Morales Spider-Man

There is one special feature for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ available online which showed a deleted scene from the film, which has a lot of fans excited for the future of the franchise, especially in regards to Miles Morales. While most have already accepted the fact that Miles is part of the MCU by way of the appearance of his uncle Aaron Davis (played by Donald Glover in the film) who even mentions he wants to protect his nephew (who was even confirmed to be Miles by Kevin Feige), this new deleted scene really hammers the point home, leaving no room for argument.

The deleted scene apparently would have been an alternate post-credits scene (maybe taking the place of the Captain America PSA after the credits), and would have taken us back to see Glover’s Aaron Davis still webbed to the back of his car, where he has been trapped since his run in with “interrogator mode” Spider-Man earlier in the movie. After trying unsuccessfully to escape, he eventually calls his nephew to let the kid know he won’t be able to make it to see him, and in the process, drops the name of his nephew, “Miles.”

Few people should be surprised that Marvel is working Miles into the MCU at this point, he has been a huge hit with the fans ever since his introduction into the Ultimate universe back in 2011, and even made his way into the main Marvel comics universe (616 world) and is the main Spider-Man for New York now that Peter Parker’s Spider-Man has gone global. Of course, with the way the movies are being set-up, and the fragility of all of these contracts with actors, many people are wondering if Miles if being established so they can kill of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker eventually (much the same way Parker died in the Ultimate universe), thus opening the door for Miles to take over as the main Spider-Man of the MCU, and allowing them to keep the franchise going without having to worry about Holland growing out of the role.

What do you think of the idea of Miles joining the MCU? Do you think he is there to replace Peter? Or is there any chance Marvel wants two Spider-Men? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!