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Director Patty Jenkins is busy prepping the script for the sequel to this summer’s box office smash ‘Wonder Woman’ and star Gal Gadot will next grace the silver screen in ‘Justice League’ in November.  But it seems there is even more Diana headed our way, in ‘Flashpoint’.  A Wonder Woman appearance in what was originally meant to be a solo ‘Flash’ film was previously rumored in early August.  Now it seems that this has been confirmed.  In an unrelated article from Deadline about Gadot possibly joining the cast of the film ‘Deeper’, the source notes that Gadot is set to appear in ‘Flashpoint’.

‘Flashpoint’ is an interesting place for the DC Extended Universe to go.  This comic book event from 2011 largely depicted a parallel timeline, created when Barry Allen/The Flash used his super speed to travel back in time to save his mother from death.  In the process, all of reality was altered with Barry waking up in the “present” and being the only person who remembers the “real” DC Universe.  In this new reality, Superman has been kept prisoner since infancy by ‘Project: Superman’ beneath Metropolis, Cyborg is the world’s greatest hero and Batman is Thomas Wayne, whose son, Bruce is dead and whose wife Martha has become The Joker.  Meanwhile, outside of the U.S., a war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Themyscira has decimated most of Europe and threatens to destroy the entire world.  Ultimately, The Flash tries to set things right but the result was the creation of DC’s ‘New 52’, a complete reboot of their entire comics line.

The DC Extended Universe (the films) haven’t been around long enough to necessitate rebooting.  The ‘Flashpoint’ storyline is incredibly steeped in DC history, loaded with dozens of characters, including some pretty obscure ones, who would mean nothing to casual filmgoers.  And it’s much too long to fit into a single film, although it was loosely adapted into a stripped-down animated movie in 2013.  But honestly, the actual ‘Flashpoint’ event isn’t really perceived as being particularly memorable.  Its one major repercussion was the New 52, something that has already been undone.

Then again, Warner Brothers may just be using the name ‘Flashpoint’.  The actual film may not actually depict the events of the comics.  And Warner Brothers has not selected a release date for this film and at this point, there is no director or writer attached, that we know of.

Would you be interested in seeing Atlantis Vs. Themyscira on the big screen?  Which elements from the original should be used in the film?

Source: Deadline