Twin Peaks

We already know that there seemed to be no rush for a fourth season of ‘Twin Peaks‘ and David Lynch has now confirmed that if one happens it won’t be next year. While on the upside he hasn’t ruled it out, anyone who wants to know about Audrey’s fate is going to be left dangling in suspense for quite some time. If for no other reason than the production time it took just to get the third season created:

“It took me four and a half years to write and film this season.”

While he may have ideas on where this could go and if he went into it knowing that it would be made the time could be shorter, it clearly doesn’t sound like the fourth season would be coming to Showtime next year. As to what happened to Audrey Horne? Lynch is keeping that card up his sleeve and teases that we may never know the answer:

“What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions. You can, for example, read a book that raises a series of questions, and you want to talk to the author, but he died a hundred years ago. That’s why everything is up to you.

Our favorite agent who is played by Kyle MacLachlan was kept in the dark by Lynch as well as he states that:

“I have the same questions that everyone has. Is this it? Was he successful at all?”

“It just asks so many questions, which will resonate with people for a long, long time, as opposed to having… not a happy ending, but an ending of some kind.”

Hopefully, for all of our sakes and peace of mind, another season will drop in our lifetimes and be able to answer at least a few of these burning questions.

Will another season of ‘Twin Peaks’ happened? What do you feel ended up happening to Audrey? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Digital Spy