Three more passengers have boarded the ‘Snowpiercer’.  The new TNT series is based on the 2013 film directed by Bong Joon-ho.  Timothy V. Murphy, Happy Anderson, and Jonathan Lloyd Walker have all landed recurring roles in the science fiction drama set in a world where a botched attempt to stop global warming resulted in the Earth being covered in ice, wiping out most life.  The few survivors live on an eternally in-motion train, with the wealthy and powerful dwelling in the front portion and the poor toiling in the back.  Daveed Diggs serves as the series lead, as resistance leader Andre Layton, while Jennifer Connolly plays the wealthy and powerful Melanie Cavill.

Timothy V Murphy
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Irish actor Murphy has appeared on ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘True Detective’, ‘The Bastard Executioner’ and ‘Quantico’.  On ‘Snowpiercer’, he will play Commander Grey, a former leader in the British SAS Special Forces.  He is described as “a brilliant tactician, this hardened leader also relishes getting his hands dirty and being in combat.”  His specialty will be “keeping things in order,” which makes it sound as though he will be part of the privileged upper class.

Anderson’s character, Klimpt is described as “a research scientist turned doctor, who oversees those unfortunate enough to be sentenced to the coffin-like Drawers.”  Anderson was most recently seen portraying Donny Donnelly on Amazon’s comedy ‘The Tick’.  He has also appeared on ‘The Blacklist’, ‘Mindhunter’, ‘Claws’, ‘Gotham’, ‘Quarry’ and ‘The Knick’.  He also had a role in the Netflix movie ‘Bright’.  Next year, he will appear as Reverend Craig in the upcoming ‘X-Men’ spin-off, ‘New Mutants’.

Jonathan Lloyd Walker
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Walker’s character, Big John is described as “a poor passenger from the back of the train forced to perform harsh slave-like labor.”  Walker appeared as Commander Bradley on the series ‘Continuum’ which he also co-produced and served as executive story editor.  More recently, he served as co-executive producer and writer on ‘Van Helsing’.  He is also co-executive producing Netflix’s upcoming martial arts fantasy series ‘Wu-Assassins’.

The hiring of Murphy, Anderson, and Walker as recurring guest stars follows a similar announcement that ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Westworld”s Simon Ogg would also have a recurring role as Pike, an ex-con who becomes a leader of the citizens in the tail of the train.

They join a cast that also includes Annalise Basso (LJ Folger), Jaylin Fletcher (Miles), Iddo Goldberg (Bennett), Lena Hall (Sayori), Katie McGuinness (Josie McConnell), Susan Park (Jinju), Sam Otto (John Osweiler), Manoj Sood (Rajiv Sharma), Mickey Sumner (as Bess Till), Roberto Urbina (Avi), Sheila Vand (Zarah) and Alison Wright (Ruth).

Source: Deadline