DC Fans have been clamoring for more details on ‘Black Lightning‘ as the series is poised to join The CW’s lineup and today we’re starting to get the first pieces of information for you! Originally scheduled for Fox, The CW jumped on the chance to pick up another DC property when the network passed on it.

I’m sure that Greg Berlanti’s involvement had nothing to do with it.

What will be interesting is what direction that they take the story as while we have plot points I’m about to share, it sounds a lot darker than the rest of The CW’s superhero lineup. There is always a chance that we’ll see Black Lightning in a different part of the multiverse or even across the country so that crossovers aren’t likely, but we’ll see.

So, what kind of a plot are we getting?

Here’s the rough pitch that it looks like we’ll be seeing from the early pilot information that is making the rounds:

In present day Watts, the One Hundred street gang is winning the war against the LAPD and the local citizens. Jefferson Pierce, 40, is the principal of the local high school. He’s been separated from his wife Lynn for over a decade ever since he stopped being the superhero Black Lightning. The violent street gang killed an innocent high school student that Black Lightning was desperately trying to protect. His younger daughter Jennifer is a student athlete while his older daughter Anissa teaches at the high school.

Jefferson has been trying to make the high school an oasis of hope for the violent neighborhood. After a gangbanger gets Jennifer in trouble, Jefferson is forced to use his powers for the first time in a decade. After rescuing her and beating up two racist LAPD cops, he’s saved by Gambi his former mentor. He pleads to Jefferson to bring back Black Lightning because the neighborhood needs to be saved from the One Hundred. He refuses but finally needs to bring back his heroic persona when his two daughters are kidnapped by gang members…

Just as science fiction is often used to discuss modern issues, we’ll be superheroes tackling it here with gang violence and the ongoing unease between the African-American communities and the police that falls into anything from racial profiling to brutality.

Are you looking forward to ‘Black Lightning’? Do you feel that The CW will officially pick this up from the pilot where Fox didn’t? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Splash Report

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